About Torplyktans Cats and Cattery:

SE*Torplyktans Siri will be moving to SE*Torplyktans Elvin


 fiona-pa-stenen.jpgFiona is my first forest cat, she moved to us in March 2011. She is kept company by two castrated farm cats (Zeb and Lava, half-siblings) who have lived with us since 2006. Fionas wondeful doughter Freja is staying in our cattery. She is a real nice mix of her mom Fiona änd dad S*Utblicken's Naxos.


The breeder name SE*Torplyktans  got approved november 17, 2011. We would rather have used: Skogslyktan, the same as for our sheepfarming and our company which sells wool and sheepskins. But unfortunately it was to similar to existing other names. 


If you want to know more about our sheep and what else we are doing on our litte farm in the forest, check for www.skogslyktan.n.nu