Buying a kitten from us:

The kittens can be booked at the earliest, when they are about 6 weeks, for both, us and any buyer should be able to follow their progress in a few weeks and thus see a little bit how they will look like and to experience their character.

We encourage you to come to visit first and look at the kitten before you decide. And we would like to know a little more about the kitten's new home and family.

A kitten with us costs 6000 SEK. To reserve a kitten you pay 1500 SEK and then establishes a "boking contract." At the final payment you will receive the purchase contract, according SVERAK's rules and official forms.
It will cost extra vaccinations for those who live outside the Nordic countries, such as rabies.

  •      For Sale - The Cat for sale
  •      Interest - Anyone want the kitten but nothing is decided and you can still register their interest.
  •      Option - The deposit is paid
  •      Sold - The kitten is paid and has moved to its new home

When they move to you is the kitten:

  •      At least 15 weeks
  •      Registered with pedigree in SVERAK / Fife
  •      ID-marked with chip
  •      Vaccinated against catpest and rhinitis (2 times)
  •      dewormed
  •      Veterinary Inspected with certificate not older than 7 days
  •      Insured against hidden defects for three years (Agria)
  •      Is growing up in the family and used to go to cat toilet

The buyer gets:

  •      one year membership in Skogkattslingan
  •      kitten pack with food, various info and a small blanket with home fragrance
  •      life-long counseling, support

We expect to receive feedback from buyers to see how the kitten develop / grow into themselves. Since Forest Cats are growing and developing for so long, it is very important to us as responsible breeders to be able to see and get to know how the kittens develop both physically but also mentally.