Fionas Second Litter



Born: 17-02-2012

Pedigree Kittens
We follow Pawpeds and Skogkattslingans Health programs against HCM and GSD IV (read more att Pawpeds)

 Important Selling info!

Name sex colour birth weight status
Ebbe male n 09 23 - Brown mackerel tabby & white 111g sold
Enja female a 23 - Blue mackerel tabby 111g sold
Elvin male n 22 - Brown blotched tabby 109g sold
Emil male n 09 22 - Brown blotched tabby & white 106g stays
Elliot male e 09 22 - Creme blotched tabby & white 122g sold
Ebba female n 09 23 - Brown mackerel tabby & white 119g sold

Pictures Kittens:  (if you click on Kittens name you will come to the pictures on the swedish site  there click on pictures to enlarge them)



SE*Gyllenstrålen's Fiona 
born: 24. November 2010
coulor: black tourtie (f)
weightt: 4,2kg

GSD-IV fri by parents
HCM-test  normal
FIV & FeLV neg

IC S*Runsvik's Urban Jr
born: 11. Mai 2011
coulor: blu tabby (classic)  (a 09 22)
weight:  5,5 kg

GSD-IV fri by parents
HCM-test  normal
FIV & FeLV neg


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Fionas first litter


more pictuers on Urban:  Urbans gallery

You wont to know more about Urban look at homepage. There you can find pictures of his family. kullsyskon etc.

You can althoug have a look att the  Blogg of Urbans owner. At her blogg you can reed about shows and see more pictures of Urban and his first litter.